If you have a manual garage door, you’re probably well aware of the struggle that comes with it. When you’re battling the elements, straining to lift the door just so you can park your car, the idea of an electric garage door can seem very appealing. But, of course, the idea of forking out for a brand new garage door can quickly make that former idea fade pretty quickly.

Don’t worry, though, as your current manual garage door can be automated! With a few exceptions, however: if the doors are badly damaged, the addition of an electric motor might not work. If this is the case, you should consider repair work first. Also, if your current door has a unique spring and gear arrangement, automation may not be the best idea.

We can supply and fit automation to your door across the North Devon area.

Advantages of automation:GaraMatic automatic garage doors north devon

• Simple to operate
• Soft start and soft stop
• Automatic safety reversal
• Remote status query feature indicates whether your garage door is open or closed
• Bi-directional radio technology utilised for better security and a more reliable signal that can be used over longer distances
• Integral light
• Streamlined plastic cover


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